I’ve only been blogging a few weeks and already I can see a trend. Some of you are assuming I put a lot of thought into these blogs.  Maybe I do, just not consciously.  There’s a subconscious stream that’s going on here and as I get up each morning one or more ideas pop into my head and must get written down as quick as I can or, POOF, they’re gone.

The more I do this the more I’m sorting my life out.  Yes, a bit late for that but better late than never.  As I write and type and think about each different subject things are changing slightly, slowly and for the better.  I have had a few times in my life when I’ve sought counselling, briefly, and other than the first time I found it very helpful so here’s hoping, this time, blogging counselling is as helpful as the others.

How do you sort out ‘issues’ in your life?

What does blogging do for you?


Baby blog

This is a baby blog and I’m a baby blogger.  No I’m not going all gooey on you, well I am but that’s for another post or my personal journal.  Note to self: Must get into the greenhouse with my candles this week..

I’ve been in the blogwomb or blogegg for probably a year since I drafted my first book.  Maybe even longer, since I wrote a mini post on my contacts page at work a couple of years ago.  Just dormant, one of those embryo’s that get implanted then wait a winter or longer.  A long gestation period?  Yes that’s it, I’m an elephant!  In blogging terms of course.  A flying elephant as I’m about to go all birdy on you.

The egg finally cracked with help from two friendly tweeting bloggers Jane and Simon.  This baby blogger then shot ahead with 17 posts all roughly similar in that they were completely different and were all on the same page.  Then, all of a sudden, things changed.  I thought I had fledged and even, arrogantly, used the word.  Fledgling.

Victoria asked for ‘follow or subscribe buttons’, while doing that I got sidetracked, tried reorganising the blog so it looked more professional then got confused between post and page and decided I would just go back into the centre of the nest that is my simple home page.  Along the way Tina offered to mentor me, very generous.  I’m going to need it to prise me out of the centre of the nest.

Wait, this morning I’d like to go back into the egg please, where’s that shell gone?  When all I wanted to do was write blogs how do I stop evolving into a website?

When will I be ready to walk?  Who knows, I’m not even a fledgling blogger yet.

What are you learning to do that’s completely new to you?

How are you coping and who’s helping you?

My cold – Taste

I could write a month of blogs on my cold this week..  Well, I couldn’t at the moment, as I slither to my bed, from under my duvet on the sofa, briefly via the keyboard.  I must be getting better if my brain wants to write surely?  The amount of typo’s I’ve had to correct just in one sentence tells a different story.

I blogged about lemons recently which has already had friends and family laughing as they tell me I obviously needed more lemons since they’ve seen how bad this cold is.  I get the joke, just don’t make me laugh unless you want to get the cold too.  I don’t want to mention the words m.. ..u but I’m increasingly convinced that’s what I’ve got.. I can’t talk or I end up paying for it shortly after with horrendous coughing bouts.  Lovely picture?

Back to the topic of todays blog.  Taste.  A hot cold remedy (err? it’s a remedy for colds that you make into a hot drink) has changed it’s taste as has an energy drink that I swear by to get rid of my colds.  I know when I’m getting better because they start to taste disgusting to me again.  I only drink them when ill.

Whisky is always mentioned to me when ill and a cold and the mention of whisky brings back loving memories of Dad virtually forcing me to drink tea with whisky in it as a teenager.  That is another taste that changes as you get better becoming more disgusting.

Do you have any suggestions for cold remedies for me given that this one’s getting worse and has been around for 6 days already?

What tastes help you know when you’re getting better after a cold?

ps When I am well enough to work out what pic. is suitable here I may post one.

pps this might be the last blog for a while while I retreat to a darkened room and duvet, whisky, tea, honey, lemon, echinacea, throat lozenges, tissues, energy drink, soup, more tissues, hot water,,,,,,,,

Colour coordinated

White, black, blue, a bit of brown and all shades purple/red/pink.

I’m deciding what to wear for a few events I’ve got this week and as I sit on my bed and wonder, light/dark, bright/dull black/grey, I realise that the blog’s taking a bit of a colour theme along the way.  Pictures are becoming important too and looking at my clothes hanging in my wardrobe, they would probably take a good pic. though I seem to have a limited palate of colours that I wear.

White, black, blue, a bit of brown and all shades purple/red/pink.

Some time ago at work we got onto the subject of picking out what we wore in the morning.  Someone commented ‘it’s not as if my wardrobes colour coordinated.’ Sitting back to take my picture for this note I remembered my reaction.  Going red with embarrassment I said ‘Mine is, my wardrobe is colour coordinated.’  It felt like I was confessing, having an epiphany, who knows what else happened in those moments of that sentence.

Here I am, a while later, telling you.  My wardrobe is colour coordinated and I think I might need to review the palate a little.

White, black, blue, a bit of brown and all shades purple/red/pink.

What colours do you wear?

Is your wardrobe colour coordinated?


There are many things always in my store cupboard or on my kitchen table and lemons are usually one of them.  Full of cold, all I can think of is what cold remedies I have and how long the lemons will last.

I’ve always managed to eat lemons with love.  They never taste that sour to me and since I do like desserts it can’t be that I don’t like things sweet.  Who can have pancakes without lemon (Sweet pancakes that is.  Savoury pancakes I love and wouldn’t have lemons with those).  Gin and tonic without the fresh lemon squeezed in just isn’t right (No, I’m not drinking any just now, thank you for that thought though….).  Given the amount of lemons I go through and the gin’s kept for lazy hot summer days, I’ve stretched my memory cells and remembered I do like to cook chicken with lemons and I’ve had a lot of chicken dishes recently.

The minute I can feel a sore throat or a sneeze the hot lemon and honey drinks take centre stage which is now.  How long will these lemons last?

Do you like lemons?

Does life ever taste sour to you or can you taste the sweetness regardless?


Whilst Indigo is a colour we know of in the rainbow and the colour linked with the third eye in chakra terms, this isn’t a blog about rainbows or chakras.  It’s more about… I don’t really know to be truthful.  It had to begin with an I, I do know that.  Like the one I posted a couple of days ago this blog went through a few morphs including the following:

“Intensive care: I’ve been worried about someone who’s been in intensive care during the past week.  My friend is irreplaceable.  Her humour and laughter are irresistible.  She is intuitive in how she treats others and she is an amazing individual…” 

Some of my paints have been out on the table this past week and when I tried to produce the picture that encapsulated the colours of the rainbow I realised my knowledge of the colour wheel is not what it ought to be.  What’s the difference between indigo and violet?  I know what violets look like and I think I know that indigo is a dark blue but with all of the bizarre names that paint comes in these days have we forgotten our rainbows?

Do you know your indigo’s from your violets?

What do the colours of the rainbow mean to you?


There’s a dress in my wardrobe that I’ve never worn.  It’s highly likely that I never will so why’s it still there?

A friend gave the dress to me a few years ago as they loved it, it no longer fitted them and they thought it would fit and suit me.  It didn’t fit me as we are completely different shapes and sizes, but no matter, I thanked them and put it away in the wardrobe.  Every so often the dress comes out to be aired and see if my body shape has miraculously changed so that it might now fit me.

Today was one of those days when the dress saw the light of day again.  When I see or think of it I smile because of the original owner.  I remember them wearing it, remember how beautiful they still are and how beautiful this dress is.

What memories do your clothes have for you?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started and deleted this blog.

It has to begin with a U.  It was originally and is again Unexpected.  During it’s drafts it spent a time as Unknown, Unicorn, Us and Union.  It’s about being knocked sideways off your life path for a moment, a week, who knows how long.

You’re expecting something to happen and restless for time to move forward and whoosh, the unexpected happens and you have to live moment by moment in a new restlessness awaiting the next news.  All you want is time moved back to before it moved forward and for this unexpected event to be erased.

There’s someone I love, someone who laughed at my need to journal in the greenhouse by candlelight.  I look forward to them laughing at me again while I journal in the greenhouse, by candlelight, of the unexpected turn of events in our lives at the moment.

What do you do that your friends find quirky and love you for?


I’ve had a few comments about my jewelry and something else that’s happening in my life made me think about what I wear and who bought it.

Remember the 80’s?  Fortunately I don’t still own or wear anything I bought in those days so unfortunately I can’t include a picture but plasticine like vibrant coloured snake earrings spring to mind!   Many times in my life I’ve gone through the pearls phase and still have some that were completely worn out and need a restring.  Real? I’ve no idea now, there are various versions that are mostly old, one string might be.  I don’t seem to be a delicate gold necklace sort of person which is a shame, though I’m sure I could get used to one if I came into ownership….

I’ve got a horrible feeling I’m going through a similar phase to the 80’s again but a bit more tasteful.  Large, brash and colourful.  There are a lot of crystal bracelets too.  Large or crystal seem to be the two main themes on top of my dressing table at the moment.

Who bought it?  I have a close friend who bought the first of the more recent chunkier items a few years ago which set me off, the piece they bought is one I’m wearing a lot at the moment.

What jewelry are you wearing?

Does it matter who bought it?

Are you chunky or delicate (in jewelry terms)?


Growing up, I only had one uncle that I knew of at the time yet, whilst looking back, I realise that I had at least four.  All were close friends of the family who treated me like their niece.  Because of a complicated family history (who’s isn’t these days) there is another family or two out there who are related to me though probably don’t know that I even exist.  Although I found out in recent years that I had another Aunt or Uncle I’m not sure if my unknown uncle or aunt ever had any children.  They’re the blood relative who have not been part of my life nor me theirs.

What of the non-blood relatives that I do know and that were around during my childhood; the ups and downs of life; who are part of my celebrations and sad times.  What of them? Are they not my family? They are to me.

I am very fortunate to have had a big family all of my life whilst only having had a small blood family that I knew of at the time.  Now I wonder who will consider me the Aunty who wasn’t the blood-relative?  I hope there are a few.

What does family mean to you?

Who’s your family?

Who are you like family to?