A New Year a New Blog!

Many moons ago someone said to me ‘If you have something to say, write it down’.  I have never forgotten that or who they were.  What I can’t remember is when it was or where we were.  All I do remember is that we were both having breakfast at a conference and I was crazy about finding out more of what went on in his brain.  On reflection, having to put up with my brain on overdrive at breakfast is something my close friends and family have worked out how to cope with.  This poor speaker was probably trying to find a way of shutting me up while he enjoyed his breakfast and worked out what possessed him to sit next to me!

More recently, blogger friends have been asking when am I going to start a blog.  The answer: ‘today!’

I love reading blogs of my Internet friends more than I do newspapers or watching the news.  There are some very talented writers in the blogosphere and I am humbled to be joining them.  There’s nothing too specific I want to post today and I will take some time out to consider the direction this blog might take.  When I work out how to link I’ll link to my first blog post which was a guest spot.

All I want to say to you just now is….

‘Hello.  Welcome to lynnelives. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and yours.  (See.. I tried to only say ‘Hello’. Just couldn’t do it.. xx)’