Holding back

Holding back

What do you stop yourself from doing?


I’ve wanted to blog for a few years but never really knew how to get started.  Within weeks of meeting a new writer pal I suddenly found I wanted to stop the ‘When are you going to get a blog Lynne’ and set up a blog.  I did.  This blog.  Then what?  Will anyone read it? Why would they want to?  Why would I want to write anything that no-one would read?

The questions are incessant.

While I’m working out what to write for this blog I’ll probably just ponder a few questions. The question for today is “What holds you back from doing something you want to do?”.

Most of my reasoning for holding back from blogging are my fears.  Not ones you might imagine of anyone liking or not liking what I write, but of my job.  My fear is of my work colleagues thinking It’s not appropriate for me to blog.  Here’s where my stock response comes in (if you’re reading this you’ll find I have a lot of stock responses, well, I’ve lived long enough to stock them up) “Comments here my own”.

Another of my reasons for holding back is that I rarely hold back.  What I mean is that I’m often very open and honest about everything.  What I think, what my capabilities are or aren’t, what I’m likely to do or not do, how I feel.  The very fact that I know (think I know) myself so well, actually holds me back from many things. When, at the time, all I want to do is be there, in that moment, and not hold back.  I can often, in that moment, be afraid of being too full on (another topic for a future blog).

What holds you back and how can you get over it now, in this moment?

ps. eventually I’ll work out how to put pics on. (struggling but done)



4 thoughts on “Holding back

  1. I dont blog regularly, just when I feel I have something to say. I dont share my online life with my work colleagues.. they know I have one but they arent interested and to me its another part of my life. I dont believe all parts have to interconnect with each other all of the time.
    WHat holds me back? Confidence I guess… its taken a lot to share my photography and art work with others. Its part of me and that means Im exposing my soul to the world, thats how important my creative work is to me. Im getting there though and will make more progress this year and why the change? The creative side gives me peace, the sums I do to make others wealthy dont give me the same peace. Im getting older and none of us know when the meter will run out. So these days Ive decided to have a go at whatever, theres not that much risk really and possibilities of much greater rewards, spiritually if not financially.
    I have one mantra which Ive held to for a long while now… I dont want to be sat in my bath chair saying “what if ? ” “if only?”
    I hope you enjoy your blog, you clearly enjoy your writing

    • Thanks Mel. I remember reading your blog before we met on the fab photography day. Reminds me, I must work out how to put my photos online from that day. Maybe that’s another blog post… Good to hear your mantra and thanks for commenting.

  2. I’ll tell ya, Lynne, I started out a lot like you, but without the worry of “work” finding me out. What I’ve discovered over the past couple years is that, more than anything, I need to trust myself and my voice. Readers will come if you read and comment on their blogs, subscribe to their blogs and make friends, but they’ll stay if you stand up and say what’s on fire inside you.

    What holds me back? Believing I’m thinking too big.

    Write hard!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, comment and advice from experience Victoria. I’ve always had lots on fire inside me but rarely written it down in public.

      Good luck for the grand opening of V’s place. I’ll be popping by.

      You’re too good a writer to ever think too big and I will write hard!

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