I have been known to obsess.   Some friends reading this will be saying “Really? Surely not? ;)”.   Recently, over New Years, I took some very odd decisions and found myself in South Wales to distract myself from something I was worried I might obsess about, as you do.  Why I did this is one for my personal journal not here.

Here I am, at 4am unable to sleep, just wanting to write another blog.  Since blogging is new and exciting to me, I am obsessing about this blog page.  Perhaps, the very reason why I delayed having one.  I have so many things I want to say and talk to you about.  One of the comments on this blog said you blog when you have something to say.  I always have something to say.  Does that mean I should always blog?  I think not and some of my musings will be for my personal journal not blog.

This started out as a note about obsession.  It feels like it’s more about what we say where and when.  Maybe I got distracted, maybe I’m very tired, maybe I do not want to be too open about my obsessions.

What should you say, where and when?

What do you obsess about?  Comments within reason please….