I have been known to obsess.   Some friends reading this will be saying “Really? Surely not? ;)”.   Recently, over New Years, I took some very odd decisions and found myself in South Wales to distract myself from something I was worried I might obsess about, as you do.  Why I did this is one for my personal journal not here.

Here I am, at 4am unable to sleep, just wanting to write another blog.  Since blogging is new and exciting to me, I am obsessing about this blog page.  Perhaps, the very reason why I delayed having one.  I have so many things I want to say and talk to you about.  One of the comments on this blog said you blog when you have something to say.  I always have something to say.  Does that mean I should always blog?  I think not and some of my musings will be for my personal journal not blog.

This started out as a note about obsession.  It feels like it’s more about what we say where and when.  Maybe I got distracted, maybe I’m very tired, maybe I do not want to be too open about my obsessions.

What should you say, where and when?

What do you obsess about?  Comments within reason please….


4 thoughts on “Obsession?

  1. I said that I only blog when I have something I want to say. My blogs are irregular for that reason. I could spout off all the time but I save my blog for times when I want to share. Anyone who knows me knows Im far from backward coming forward but Im only prepared to share so much with the online world. You should blog as often as you feel comfortable with was the point I was trying to make. I have known people feel that they are a slave to their blog & that they must write something good every day. It becomes a chore then, no fun and Im a great believer in fun

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