Soundtrack of my life

Recently, I was reminded of my lack of musical awareness and music in my life.  Bizarrely, as a child I was considered to be a talented musician.  That changed, at some point, and I am left with a few ‘what if’s’ around how musically inspired I am/could be.

Ten years ago I had a reasonable cd collection which was stolen and I wasn’t able to replace them.  Reviewing my current cd collection I have around 90 which, given my youthful age..(50’s the new 30 surely), seems rather minimal.  Admittedly too, those 90 do include many obtained free with newspapers/magazines; a few box sets with titles like acoustic mellow moods and jazz music and there’s more than a couple of soundtracks too (I do love films-another blog, another day).  Where did my vinyls go? I hope someone’s looking after them as they got left behind in a previous life.  Donny; David; Cat(Yusuf); Cliff; Bay city…(I know.. what can I say..); together with Reggae; Santana; Sanford and Townsend; many more and Mozart.  I hope you’re all being enjoyed, I will continue to enjoy you in my mind as I remember you all with fondness.

Often, the soundtrack I live to these days is that of traffic.  I can virtually tell the time by the sound of the traffic outside my front door.  The sound of the bin men just told me it’s7amsharp.  I love the soundtrack of my life when I have my backdoor open and can hear the birds in my garden, particularly in the morning when they’re wondering why I haven’t been out already (a topic for a future day).

Coming back to music, it is a huge love of mine though I struggle to ‘know’ it.  Perhaps that’s something to explore.  At the moment, for music in my life, I rely heavily on the radio and am conscious that ipod and downloads are something I’ve shied away from.

Today I have dusted off my cd collection and will bring to the fore the current and future soundtrack of my life.

How musical are you?

What’s the soundtrack of your life?

ps when I work out how.. I’ll add some music, if legal.  Or bird song. I could try to record and upload.

current soundtrack


4 thoughts on “Soundtrack of my life

  1. I like a mixed range of music, but my favourite genre is ‘Dance’ music of the mid 1990s up to the early 2000s. I also like rock music. I cant stand modern pop music, especially manufactured cr@p from the likes of X Factor etc. I also cant stand RnB or Country.

    Here is an example of my shuffled spotify playlist on the way to work today.

    1. Firestarter by The Prodigy
    2. Question by The Moody Blues
    3. Wonderwall by Oasis
    4. 1999 by Binary Finary (Playing as I pulled into the office car park. Love this tune so I didn’t leave the car until it finished!)

    Yesterday was a mix of Pink Floyd and Nirvana.

    As you can see, its a mixed bag.

    How musical am I – I will let you know after my first electric guitar lesson next weekend.

    • Thanks Andy!
      What a brilliant comment. Shuffled spotify playlist sounds great. Never heard of Binary Finary(nothing new there). There’s tons of songs I love but won’t know who the artists are and will be adamant that I’ve never heard of them.

      I now want to listen to your list to remember what they are.

      Do let me know how the electric guitar lesson goes. I used to have mates that came and jammed. Your comment has reminded me that I miss that. not sure i could cope with an electric one in the house though.

  2. I lost my love of music in my 20s, for some reason. Now, most music is just noise to me. I love peace and quiet, and can never understand how people can play music while they’re writing.

    The only place I regularly listen to music is in my car. There’s something about moving forward that requires a soundtrack. Much of my discovery of new music happens in the car, too, because my youngest loves music and connects up her iPod as soon as she gets in the passenger seat.

    • Thanks for the comment Jane. Hope you find your love of music again one day. I struggle to write with noise too. It’s good to be happy in peace and quiet though I’ve noticed this past week while relistening to my dusted off cd collection that my mood and the feel of the house changes with different music. Obvious of course but I’d forgotten that.

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