• A year ago I thought I’d never blog
  • A month ago I’d never written a blog post
  • A week ago I had no blog, then came
  • A New Year a New Blog!; Holding back; Obsession; Soundtrack of my life
  • Another day another blog = 5AWeek

This past week I’ve posted five blogs.  Every one of them was needed.  Maybe not by anyone else, but they were needed by me.  I needed them.  I needed to write them.  I needed others to read them.  I still need to write and for others to read.  Who knows if there will be any new posts here next week, next month, next year?  There needed to be five this week including this one.

One of my future dreams is to write and be published. To help that process I need to exercise my mind and my writing skills and get better and get used to feedback, comments and rejection.  Lots of food for thought for future posts just in those two sentences, if there are any future posts.

Does it matter if you start something or stop something?  I feel that if you want to start something it matters that you do it and if you want to stop doing something it matters that you stop or not.  I wanted to learn how to blog and to blog.  It took way too long for me to do it but eventually here I am and this week I’ve given myself and you 5AWeek.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I’ve enjoyed waking up every morning to my daily brain food of thinking and getting those thoughts out in type quickly before they dissipated away or got overtaken by the next ones rushing up behind them.

I have no idea if I, you or any more thought will be here from tomorrow which will be the start of my second week at lynnelives.  If more thoughts suitable for blogging do appear I’m sure we’ll continue getting to know each other and I will enjoy that.  If not it’s been fun.  In time, if I continue, I’m sure that eventually the thoughts posted here will develop and evolve and I look forward to that.

Thankyou for reading and commmenting and continuing to encourage me here this week.  It’s helped me to stay healthy and be more alive in every moment of every day. (no apologies for any sickly feelings just now)

What have you done this week/last year that you had never thought you’d do?

What’s your 5AWeek?

What will you do next week that you’ve always wanted to yet never done?  (please stay clean)

ps I’d be as shocked as you if there weren’t any lynnelives posts next week 😉