Last night I had the first dream I’ve remembered, this morning, for a long while.  It might take a while to comprehend what I meant in that sentence.. (I might rewrite)

Anyway.. it got me thinking:

The dream was set in a house, the upstairs of which was the same as the one I grew up in.  In the dream I lived with my sisters who ran the house and were in charge of it (yes, I went to see Cinderella over Christmas!!).  This day I agreed to put up 2 friends who needed somewhere urgently to stay for the weekend.  By the morning, each of them had approximately 10 guests staying for the weekend and it became obvious the two of them were planning to be around for months.  One of them showed me the wallpaper and paint she wanted to decorate ‘her’ room in.   

At breakfast, while the kitchen was filling up with bodies passing through, I wondered how we would feed everyone.  I remember, after I’d showed some concern, looking through a box of food items they bought to help feed the hoard of 25+.  One of their guests handed me the biggest containers of tomato and brown sauce (what was that about?).  When I looked in the box I saw more large bars of chocolate than I could eat in a year (I know! That’s a lot).  Later that day I went out.  I don’t remember where I went, but before I left I put some food from the freezer in the oven to cook and promptly forgot about it.  I should have burnt the house down but it was only just a bit scorched at the edges of the filo pastry when I returned hours later.

Some years ago I spent a lot of time helping myself and others work through the messages our dreams might have and loved every minute of it.  I believe that your brain uses the most recent images it has available to it to help it with more complex work, that the subconscious is busy filing and sorting and theorising things we’ve subconsciously asked of it and while we’re sleeping it carefully and studiously carries on.  Maybe it sleeps while we’re awake who knows.  I’m not a brain scientist – I have no idea of the difference between neuroscientists and psychologists approaches to dreams would be.  Note to self: I must read more recent research (I did volunteer and be part of a dream study in the 70’s, what student didn’t in those days).

I dream in colour and have sound though no soundtrack running in the background unfortunately.  Would that be like your brain having the radio on while it worked?  I find that so long as I rerun the dream a few times, even saying it out aloud, before I physically sit up, I can remember it long enough to write it down if I don’t have a pen and paper next to the bed.

Now I need to get some breakfast then go and find my old dream book to do a bit of theorising by myself in my journal, writing this has already developed some ideas of what was going on in my dreams last night.

What are your thoughts on dreams?

What was the last dream you remember, was it colourful?

Or, maybe the question’s – How many could you put up and feed if you had guests you didn’t expect?