I’m waiting for something to happen.  I’ve been waiting for something to happen for a while.  Last night I woke every two hours.

My friend’s giving birth, something I’ve never and will never have the privilege of.  If I’d ever got pregnant I’m sure I’d have been a right pain and at the time of birth not called it a privilege till it was over of course.  Although I always wanted children it just never worked out (that’s for my personal journal not here).  Something will happen today, yet I have no idea what she’s going through as we all wait during these final hours.  My only experience is of hand rearing a few orphaned animals many years ago.  Her family laughed when I described waking every two hours for a monkey…

All I know is that I’m very restless.  I’m constantly thinking of:

  • trying to be prepared but not knowing what that means,
  • being supportive, yet not overtly intrusive and
  • helping but not so that others feel I’m taking over.

Watching a family deal with the everyday ups and downs around a pregnancy is wonderful, tiring and emotional at the same time. Not knowing what will happen and having no involvement in that is bizarre.  Making sure you say and do the right thing at the right time without causing your pregnant friend any more discomfort than they are already in can, at times, be exhausting.

I’m restless.

What are you thinking of, waiting for?

What’s making you restless today?

ps when I think of a suitable image I’ll add it.  One of me just now in restlessness would not be pretty..