Blogging from a-tozchallenge

There’s a challenge I bumped into recently.  Blogging from a-to-zchallenge throughout April. You get Sundays off bar the first one.  It sounds simple.  Work your way through the alphabet using the letters to inspire your theme for the day.

Whether I’ll do it or not will have to be decided nearer the time however I love the idea and wish those involved and doing it this year all the best.  Just the idea of it has been great just exercising my mind for writing ideas from the alphabet.

I’ve already done some planning, have 92 words that I could write blogs from and have only got to M.  Even if I don’t do the a-z challenge, by the time I’ve finished the planning I’ll have enough ideas for about 6 months.. oops to those of you who are wishing I’d never started blogging.. I might be here for a bit longer.

what challenges do you give yourself?

will you do the a-zchallenge?

ps. When I get around to sketching them I’ll add a pic of an aardvark and zebra here. For now, please use your imagination…

pps when I’ve checked with the organiser I’ll link to



2 thoughts on “Blogging from a-tozchallenge

    • I wasn’t too bad at 40, I did tons of exercise in those days. 2months is doable depending on where you’re starting. With me it all went downhill a decade later. I now have 9 years to climb back up..

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