Growing up, I only had one uncle that I knew of at the time yet, whilst looking back, I realise that I had at least four.  All were close friends of the family who treated me like their niece.  Because of a complicated family history (who’s isn’t these days) there is another family or two out there who are related to me though probably don’t know that I even exist.  Although I found out in recent years that I had another Aunt or Uncle I’m not sure if my unknown uncle or aunt ever had any children.  They’re the blood relative who have not been part of my life nor me theirs.

What of the non-blood relatives that I do know and that were around during my childhood; the ups and downs of life; who are part of my celebrations and sad times.  What of them? Are they not my family? They are to me.

I am very fortunate to have had a big family all of my life whilst only having had a small blood family that I knew of at the time.  Now I wonder who will consider me the Aunty who wasn’t the blood-relative?  I hope there are a few.

What does family mean to you?

Who’s your family?

Who are you like family to?