I’ve had a few comments about my jewelry and something else that’s happening in my life made me think about what I wear and who bought it.

Remember the 80’s?  Fortunately I don’t still own or wear anything I bought in those days so unfortunately I can’t include a picture but plasticine like vibrant coloured snake earrings spring to mind!   Many times in my life I’ve gone through the pearls phase and still have some that were completely worn out and need a restring.  Real? I’ve no idea now, there are various versions that are mostly old, one string might be.  I don’t seem to be a delicate gold necklace sort of person which is a shame, though I’m sure I could get used to one if I came into ownership….

I’ve got a horrible feeling I’m going through a similar phase to the 80’s again but a bit more tasteful.  Large, brash and colourful.  There are a lot of crystal bracelets too.  Large or crystal seem to be the two main themes on top of my dressing table at the moment.

Who bought it?  I have a close friend who bought the first of the more recent chunkier items a few years ago which set me off, the piece they bought is one I’m wearing a lot at the moment.

What jewelry are you wearing?

Does it matter who bought it?

Are you chunky or delicate (in jewelry terms)?


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