I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started and deleted this blog.

It has to begin with a U.  It was originally and is again Unexpected.  During it’s drafts it spent a time as Unknown, Unicorn, Us and Union.  It’s about being knocked sideways off your life path for a moment, a week, who knows how long.

You’re expecting something to happen and restless for time to move forward and whoosh, the unexpected happens and you have to live moment by moment in a new restlessness awaiting the next news.  All you want is time moved back to before it moved forward and for this unexpected event to be erased.

There’s someone I love, someone who laughed at my need to journal in the greenhouse by candlelight.  I look forward to them laughing at me again while I journal in the greenhouse, by candlelight, of the unexpected turn of events in our lives at the moment.

What do you do that your friends find quirky and love you for?