Whilst Indigo is a colour we know of in the rainbow and the colour linked with the third eye in chakra terms, this isn’t a blog about rainbows or chakras.  It’s more about… I don’t really know to be truthful.  It had to begin with an I, I do know that.  Like the one I posted a couple of days ago this blog went through a few morphs including the following:

“Intensive care: I’ve been worried about someone who’s been in intensive care during the past week.  My friend is irreplaceable.  Her humour and laughter are irresistible.  She is intuitive in how she treats others and she is an amazing individual…” 

Some of my paints have been out on the table this past week and when I tried to produce the picture that encapsulated the colours of the rainbow I realised my knowledge of the colour wheel is not what it ought to be.  What’s the difference between indigo and violet?  I know what violets look like and I think I know that indigo is a dark blue but with all of the bizarre names that paint comes in these days have we forgotten our rainbows?

Do you know your indigo’s from your violets?

What do the colours of the rainbow mean to you?