There are many things always in my store cupboard or on my kitchen table and lemons are usually one of them.  Full of cold, all I can think of is what cold remedies I have and how long the lemons will last.

I’ve always managed to eat lemons with love.  They never taste that sour to me and since I do like desserts it can’t be that I don’t like things sweet.  Who can have pancakes without lemon (Sweet pancakes that is.  Savoury pancakes I love and wouldn’t have lemons with those).  Gin and tonic without the fresh lemon squeezed in just isn’t right (No, I’m not drinking any just now, thank you for that thought though….).  Given the amount of lemons I go through and the gin’s kept for lazy hot summer days, I’ve stretched my memory cells and remembered I do like to cook chicken with lemons and I’ve had a lot of chicken dishes recently.

The minute I can feel a sore throat or a sneeze the hot lemon and honey drinks take centre stage which is now.  How long will these lemons last?

Do you like lemons?

Does life ever taste sour to you or can you taste the sweetness regardless?