My cold – Taste

I could write a month of blogs on my cold this week..  Well, I couldn’t at the moment, as I slither to my bed, from under my duvet on the sofa, briefly via the keyboard.  I must be getting better if my brain wants to write surely?  The amount of typo’s I’ve had to correct just in one sentence tells a different story.

I blogged about lemons recently which has already had friends and family laughing as they tell me I obviously needed more lemons since they’ve seen how bad this cold is.  I get the joke, just don’t make me laugh unless you want to get the cold too.  I don’t want to mention the words m.. ..u but I’m increasingly convinced that’s what I’ve got.. I can’t talk or I end up paying for it shortly after with horrendous coughing bouts.  Lovely picture?

Back to the topic of todays blog.  Taste.  A hot cold remedy (err? it’s a remedy for colds that you make into a hot drink) has changed it’s taste as has an energy drink that I swear by to get rid of my colds.  I know when I’m getting better because they start to taste disgusting to me again.  I only drink them when ill.

Whisky is always mentioned to me when ill and a cold and the mention of whisky brings back loving memories of Dad virtually forcing me to drink tea with whisky in it as a teenager.  That is another taste that changes as you get better becoming more disgusting.

Do you have any suggestions for cold remedies for me given that this one’s getting worse and has been around for 6 days already?

What tastes help you know when you’re getting better after a cold?

ps When I am well enough to work out what pic. is suitable here I may post one.

pps this might be the last blog for a while while I retreat to a darkened room and duvet, whisky, tea, honey, lemon, echinacea, throat lozenges, tissues, energy drink, soup, more tissues, hot water,,,,,,,,