Baby blog

This is a baby blog and I’m a baby blogger.  No I’m not going all gooey on you, well I am but that’s for another post or my personal journal.  Note to self: Must get into the greenhouse with my candles this week..

I’ve been in the blogwomb or blogegg for probably a year since I drafted my first book.  Maybe even longer, since I wrote a mini post on my contacts page at work a couple of years ago.  Just dormant, one of those embryo’s that get implanted then wait a winter or longer.  A long gestation period?  Yes that’s it, I’m an elephant!  In blogging terms of course.  A flying elephant as I’m about to go all birdy on you.

The egg finally cracked with help from two friendly tweeting bloggers Jane and Simon.  This baby blogger then shot ahead with 17 posts all roughly similar in that they were completely different and were all on the same page.  Then, all of a sudden, things changed.  I thought I had fledged and even, arrogantly, used the word.  Fledgling.

Victoria asked for ‘follow or subscribe buttons’, while doing that I got sidetracked, tried reorganising the blog so it looked more professional then got confused between post and page and decided I would just go back into the centre of the nest that is my simple home page.  Along the way Tina offered to mentor me, very generous.  I’m going to need it to prise me out of the centre of the nest.

Wait, this morning I’d like to go back into the egg please, where’s that shell gone?  When all I wanted to do was write blogs how do I stop evolving into a website?

When will I be ready to walk?  Who knows, I’m not even a fledgling blogger yet.

What are you learning to do that’s completely new to you?

How are you coping and who’s helping you?