I’ve only been blogging a few weeks and already I can see a trend. Some of you are assuming I put a lot of thought into these blogs.  Maybe I do, just not consciously.  There’s a subconscious stream that’s going on here and as I get up each morning one or more ideas pop into my head and must get written down as quick as I can or, POOF, they’re gone.

The more I do this the more I’m sorting my life out.  Yes, a bit late for that but better late than never.  As I write and type and think about each different subject things are changing slightly, slowly and for the better.  I have had a few times in my life when I’ve sought counselling, briefly, and other than the first time I found it very helpful so here’s hoping, this time, blogging counselling is as helpful as the others.

How do you sort out ‘issues’ in your life?

What does blogging do for you?


4 thoughts on “Counselling…

    • Wow that was quick. thanks Nikki
      There’s something happening that I hadn’t realised would with blogging. I should have seen it coming really! It’s helping me review and change life patterns without my friends having to put up with my analysis (unless they want to have a read that is). So far I’m liking it. Glad you like the questions (they’ll be another post on questions soon…).

  1. Blogging is a connection. I rarely use it to sort out issues, because most of my issues are family-related and I don’t want to air my dirty linen in public. If I have an issue, I talk to my friends.

    Blogging helps me to find my voice while connecting with people who are not, initially, my friends. Sometimes they become friends, and then I rejoice. Blogging gives me the chance to say things I want to say about the inner life that many of my “real-life” friends don’t share. And when my “real-life” friends read my blog, they understand me better. I hope.

    • You got me worried that I was ‘airing dirty linen in public’… I hope not. Maybe I have more general counselling needs than you Jane.. Not surprising given my sometimes erratic nature. I do like it when ‘real-life’ friends read my blog and also when people become friends through t’internet.

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