IT illiterate

Is it my age? Is that it?

When I was at university they tried to teach me to talk in basic and fortran.  Listen to me..  Just how old do I think I am?  (rhetorical question that you do not need to answer thank you) I do think I learnt a little of both if I recall.  Nowadays, you don’t need to know the computer languages, you just need to be able to work out what someone else has done and there’s the thing.

My brain’s got to be wired differently to anyone who designs web pages.  They’re trying to be really helpful, I know they are, but when I come to use something someone else has designed to make it easy for me I struggle and struggle.  Reading the help pages doesn’t seem to sort it either.

What do I do?  I make a simple blog and hope that with time if there’s anything else I want to do or change or people asked me to change then the universe will provide me with the right person to help me out.  Preferably someone who’s using the same system, who can not only remember how they did it but can explain it to me too.

Is it my age?  Maybe a little and maybe my creative brain sees things differently.  When I need to do something with IT and can’t work out how I’ll just hang around for a while until the right person appears to help me sort it.

What do you need fixing that you can’t do?

Are you IT illiterate too?

No? Then what are you waiting for… contact me and help me sort the blog! Tee hee… 😉