Beer or medicine?

I did say that I could write weeks worth about my cold and I know I’ve already mentioned taste but as I went out for my first beer for a while I was shocked that it tasted like medicine.  Thankfully it was just a taster and the bartender, quick as a flash without me even asking as I screwed my nose and face up, lined up another 6 tasters to see if I felt any of them didn’t taste of medicine.  I found one and, to the amusement of my friends, didn’t notice the picture of our current prime minister on the label.

The bartender looked and sounded like he’d had the same cold as me and he said they’d all taste of medicine but this one wasn’t quite as bad as the others.  Here I am a few days later and beer is gradually beginning to taste how I remember.  I had to have one occasionally just to check if it still tastes like medicine or not..

The thing is that although I’ve taken as much medicine as I could ,which didn’t make much difference to my cold, and while the beer tasted of medicine, the time spent with friends and in good company was very medicinal and did me the world of good.  Was the beer medicine?   Of course not but the time spent with friends was medicine enough for me.

Does spending times with friends make you feel better?

What do you feel is your best medicine for a bad cold?


2 thoughts on “Beer or medicine?

  1. I think there’s a cliché that laughter is the best medicine. Like most clichés there’s much truth in it; a bit like ‘A change is as good as a rest’ – though that’s not much use for a cold, when rest is probably better than a change. Being on my own comes pretty high up the list of things which make me feel better.

    • Hi Lucy
      I’ve been telling my work mates to stop making me laugh today as it starts my coughing. In the end they wanted me to leave due to the coughing that came as I laughed. Vicious circle! Yes rest for a cold seems to be the main thing.

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