This post was going to be titled ‘cold snap’ but I seem to have been more than a bit preoccupied by my cold over the past 2 weeks (sorry) and I wanted to write about the frost not my cold.  I was pleasantly surprised when my tootsies were chilly as they made their way out from under the duvet this morning.  A British Winter’s not a winter without a healthy dose of Frost if you ask me. Normally earlier than this one, but thankfully it’s come early enough before too many trees were in leaf.

It’s been so mild much of nature was starting to behave as if it was spring already and the daffodils that are out looked a bit sorry for themselves when they got a chill.  The Snowdrops have been out for about a week and lots of other bulbs are coming through.

According to my thermometer in the greenhouse it was -6 this morning.  Whilst I would not want to work or live outside in this weather for long, with a clear blue sky, it was a pleasure being out in the garden feeling the chill of the frost.  I had to make sure the birds had some fresh water that wasn’t iced.  They soon took advantage of it.  Spring will be here soon enough but for the moment I will enjoy the peace that is a beautiful, frosty, crisp day.

Are you feeling chilly?

Do you like Frosty days?

If you’re in the middle of frost and cold wrap up warm won’t you, I don’t want you getting a cold (Yes.  Mines getting better thanks.).



2 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. We’re in the mildest winter most people can remember (and certainly the mildest since we moved to the Chicago area in 1997) and I don’t miss the feel of ice under my feet or the brain-numbing minus 20 (Fahrenheit!) weather where people can’t even let their kids stand at the school bus stop for five minutes but have to sit there idling their cars.

    I do miss the snow, but only because I bought cross country skis this year.

    But yes, I do like frosty mornings. When it’s really cold here we don’t really have frost, just a sort of bone-hardness to everything – all outside smells disappear entirely, which is disconcerting. But a frosty morning where the temperature hovers around freezing, now that’s something to enjoy.

    • Hmm.. ‘brain-numbing minus 20’ – I’m glad I don’t get to experience that. ‘a frosty morning where the temperature hovers around freezing’ – yes, that’s more like what we’ve been having here which led to this post, though it’s been hovering around freezing all day this week.

      We’ve woken to snow again today so must go and feed the birds, they’ve seen me up, are perched on the fence and starting to make a racket..

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