Snowy silence

Snowdrops, daffodils, frost then…nothing, silence.  Many parts of England woke to a couple of inches of snow today.  For those not used to the uk, particularly England, the slightest bit of snow and we come to a standstill.  Good job it’s Sunday.

For a while, before things get moving, I am able to enjoy the sound of silence.  That’s a more natural silence than I usually get even on a Sunday morning.  No traffic heading to the car boot.  No traffic on the duel carriageway nearby.

Just the sound of the gulls overhead, the robins fighting for my attention and the blackbirds wondering when I will stop taking photos, or making a snowman and put out food and more fresh water in the container that now has a few inches of snow on it.

That’s the sound of a snowy silence in my book and I love it!

Have you had any snow this winter?

What silences do you love?