Full Moon

Whilst I feel privileged that I live by my emotions and beliefs I do love it when I miss the full moon.  That might seem like an odd thing to say but it makes a change not to feel drawn to it.  There are many days that I check out where the moon is as I’m headed home and I often wonder how it’s getting on.

A chance check on facebook, a friend reminds me of what a great moon it is, and I have to run out of the front door to have a look, check it out for myself and reflect, reminding myself of the moons influence on all that happens on earth.  Reflection on why this full moon nearly passed me by, am I being too introspective all of a sudden?  I know the answer as I’ve still got my cold.. I’m on antibiotics now…  As an Island and with none of us too far from the sea most of us will have watched the tides go in and out and many will have experienced the influence of the moon first hand.

Unfortunately I live a bit too far from the sea than I would like these days but reflecting on the full moon reminds me of the hold it has and of all the things it may influence that we do not understand.

Are you fascinated by the moon?

Do you look in awe at full moons?