Memory loss

This morning I woke with an amazing idea for this blog.  It was strong, firm and very crisp in my mind (no innuendos in case you were wondering).  The thing I didn’t do, was what I normally do, which is, lie in bed for a while, constructing the blog post and reading the finished version in my mind, before getting the computer on and writing it in one go, quick as a flash (that explains the writing style..).

My friend’s struggling with memory loss and given their previous amazing memory it’s a scary time for them.  Today, I got distracted, a common theme in my life, and when I remembered that I hadn’t written anything yet all I could remember was that I had this great idea when I woke up.  Not an ounce (sorry, showing my age, would gram be better there) of it was left.  I’m much better at coping with my poor memory these days as I finally realised what lists are for.

There was nothing I could do about remembering what I’d woken up thinking about but it did make me think about memory loss.  A few other ideas popped into my head at the same time and I had to constantly repeat all three over and over while I got them down on paper before I forgot any of them (who am I kidding? – typed into my ‘future blog ideas’ doc on the computer).

I took a quick look over the others already on the list and there was one calling out.  It had a title similar to what I’d forgotten the list prompted me and the whole thing came flooding back.  I’d already decided to write about memory today and will leave the great idea, forgotten then remembered, for another day.

How’s your memory doing?

What do you have to do to remember things?

Prescription drugs.. (oops – this slipped in from my list.. no it wasn’t the one I forgot this morning, it’s another one waiting, on the list..)

ps. any ideas for a pic here?