Can you smell?

In case you didn’t know I’ve got a cold.  This cold has looked after me and helped me feel pretty rough for nearly three weeks.  Yes, I’m now on antibiotics for a chest infection.  A week ago I started to smell my body and realised I hadn’t had a shower in nearly a week..  This person’s strictly a shower a day so this was a big ‘oops!’  It’s ok, I’d been off sick so not causing a problem for my work colleagues.  Where did that week go while I was lying on the sofa under a duvet?

One of my tests of recovery together with increasing taste is when my sense of smell comes back.  This morning I woke to the pungent smell of my current favourite perfume.  Another oops.  As far as I was concerned ‘I’d only put a little on’ the previous morning.  Thinking on, my sense of smell’s still pretty bad and this made me laugh. (My current mantra’s ‘don’t make me laugh or I’ll start coughing’)

Please accept my apologies..  Wow, you must have smelt my perfume well before I came anywhere near..  ‘tee hee..’  You’ll be pleased to hear the perfume’s been put somewhere It can’t be found today.  Maybe that’s my subconscious saving the world from me overpowering everyone else’s nostrils till my smell comes back.

What makes you forget to bathe?

How often and how much perfume do you use?

ps. This is the one I forgot yesterday..