Snow sculptures

More snow fell overnight reminding me of something from 15 years ago.  Living in a little terraced house in Oxenholme in Cumbria I had a wonderful time one snowy day.   Unable to go to school some local children hatched up a plan that filled their day and mine.

Never able to curtail my enthusiasm for snow and sculpture I’d been out early and made a snow squirrel as big as a human by my front door.  Before I knew it I had lots of local children helping me make more sculptures and then they wanted me to make ones at their houses.  The lion king must have been out by then as I do remember making a pumba and timor.  I can’t find any pictures of those unfortunately.

Here’s a picture of the tiger and giraffe I thought you might like to see (you’ll need to use your imagination for the giraffes head!).  Over the years I’ve always enjoyed making different snow sculptures together with the standard snowmen. (you’ve got to have snowmen and snowwomen… and dogs and squirrels and tigers and giraffe and meerkats…)

Drat, that I can work from home these days and live so close to work to walk in.. I wonder.. How many hours do I have to wait to have a bit of a play in the snow….  Will there be more snow tonight…  If so, that will be my weekend fun sorted out. (yes I’ll wrap up well and I do remember I’ve got a chest infection.. I know, it might not be the best of ideas…but…the snow’s just calling me and there will be tons of creations that need to be made, seen and photographed..)

Who’s coming to help?

Can you resist playing in the snow?