their blog’s better




their blog’s better

their blog has the most wonderful design

their blog gets lots more comments than mine does

Look at their picture, they’re just so much more attractive than me

they write less often with more wisdom than me

they write so much better than me

they’re better than me







my blog’s new

my blog’s developing

my blog’s helping me develop as a writer

my blog’s being read by my real friends who say they like it

my blog’s true to Rons advice ‘write what YOU want to write about’

my blog’s true toTracy’s advice ‘Just be yourself….that will be gem enough’

my blog’s helping my new friends find out more about me and interact with me

Look at me – really look at me – it’s me who’s creatively madly attractive

my blog’s giving me space for my eclectic and random ramblings

my blog’s getting great comments

my blog keeps me happy

my blog’s a bit of me

my blog is great





6 thoughts on “their blog’s better

      • I know- I often miss the sky, trees, clouds. I usually get out every day to walk, but I still feel like I’m living a bit of half-lived life, so often on the computer. If it weren’t for my desire to write, I think I would give it all up.

      • There’s a ton of blogs posts just in your comment. I’ve spent a lot of my life outdoors and in nature. Now I love that I’m writing. One day I’ll write about the outdoors but not yet.

    • I agree completely Ruth. When I re-read this I realised it should include things like ‘look how great you’re doing with you’re blog.’ and ‘isn’t it great that you get so many comments and followers.’ That’s not how it came out when I woke.

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