Treat me today as if it’s my last

Why don’t we always see things like they’re the first time we’ve done them?  New, fresh, wonderful ‘live every day as if it’s your last’.  You hear that a lot.  What if today was not your last but a family or friend’s last.  What if someone nearly dies, how does that change how you are with yourself, them and others?

In my teens my Dad and I had an evening habit of not saying goodnight but ‘bye’.  It seems odd when I explain it now but since there was just the two of us for a while it meant a lot to us.  It must have originated because I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to my mum and this meant if he didn’t wake up I’d said goodbye.

I’m spending a lot of time saying to one friend who was very ill recently ‘it’s a miracle and I love you’ in a rather overtly high pitched sort of way and then she smiles and I laugh.  To everyone else I’m saying ‘if I haven’t told you recently, I love you’.  (Ok not everyone, obviously, I mean to those I love, but you get the picture).   Instead of living as if it’s your last day today why not treat others as if it’s their last day.  What if they died tomorrow, would you wish to have treated them any different today?

Look after yourselves, family and friends and if I fall into one of those categories for you please treat me nice today.

Do your loved one’s know you love them?