Life’s precious

Within the last few weeks I’ve had the sad news of the death of a close family friend and happy news of the birth of a beautiful girl.  I’m very close to both families.  One was like the extra Uncle in my life and the other I will hopefully be like the extra Aunty to.  There were added complications around the birth which brought home how precious life is.

My emotions have been all over the place.  Trying to do the right thing yet, being full of cold, that’s usually meant staying away from everyone, which, in itself, was a challenge.  Not being able to talk to people or hug and comfort them or allow others to hug and comfort me has been very tough.  It’s felt a lot like I’ve been an outsider looking in whilst having my heart broken and put back together again watching others that I love hurt and be happy and hurt and be happy and knowing I had to stay apart from them.

Everyone wanted me to look after myself not them.  It was important that I was there but kept my distance, knowing the time would come when I could talk and hug and comfort and be listened to and hugged and comforted.  I am in it for the long haul.  The short immediacy when the individuals concerned were overwhelmed with others rallying with comfort would fade and that would be when I picked up the pieces of my emotions and our hearts would continue the healing.  There will be lots more emotions to cope with along the way for all of us and I hope I provide some support, make some difference, to help smooth the way.  Both families make that difference for me and have helped make my life mean so much more and be that much more precious.

How do you cope with competing emotions of happy and sad news?

Life’s precious – what are you doing with yours?