Red roses – I love you

Flowers aren’t something I think should only be bought for you or on special occasions.  (don’t get me wrong.. feel free to buy me some if you would like to..).  Flowers in my house are considered as a necessity whilst they are also a luxury.  It’s the same with love.  Whilst being ‘in love’ can, at times, feel luxurious, love is necessary for all of us to thrive.

Love is not just for the 14th February yet it also can be for the 14th just as much as any other day.  Regardless of the expectations of valentine’s (yes I said it.. like zillions of other blogs, I guess, today) day, I hope you love well today and have more than a bit of romance in your lives and relationships. 

Have a love filled, flower filled, lovely day with a dash of chocolate and good wine too maybe.  Oops.. don’t forget the music.. and the hearts, cupids arrows and all other things we associate with today.

How do you show your love?

Any ideas how I can open my heart again?  I think it’s had one too many arrows.

ps I do love all flowers….just saying