Seed cake

It must have been 2 years ago since I baked many cakes.  That was a time when I worked my way through most of my cakes and bakes book with glee.  You can tell just by looking at it (and me) that it was well used and loved.  This week I’ve had a similar urge to bake.  It’s something I love doing and get a lot of pleasure from.  Others, usually, are quite pleased too.

When I suddenly decide I have to bake my method of choosing which cake is simply to see what’s in the storecupboard.  (I’ll have to write about my food hoarding another time).  This week, caraway seeds were what came to hand first so that was an easy choice.

There’s a little blue book that was my mums.  It’s full of recipes she used to feed her family.  It now has some of mine too.  One that my dad and I loved was caraway seed cake.  When I mention it nowadays many of my friends look blank and have never heard or tried it.  It might be an acquired taste, I don’t know.  You might be interested in the recipe of the one made yesterday.

This recipe hasn’t been tested for reproduction by anyone other than me… (I have added in some instructions to show how I make it)

Seed cake

8oz flour SR (sieved)

6oz Sugar

6oz Butter

2 eggs

milk to mix

caraway seeds – lots! (I probably put in a heaped table spoon)

Cream butter and sugar (till it changes colour).

Beat in eggs (one at a time).

Add flour (using a table spoon, fold in).

Add milk to dropping texture.

Stir in seeds.

Put in a loaf tin and bake at 350degrees F (I have a fan oven and this cake was baked in it at 180degrees C for about 50-55mins) for 1 hour or till golden and firm to the touch.

ps I hope you don’t mind this recipe posted here.  After all it is an eclectic and random blog.  It could easily have been a cake baking; gardening or arty crafty blog.