Do I have a craft room or studio?

A friend was talking about me in front of me and said ‘Lynnes amazing!  She does knitting and crochet; writing and painting; silk painting and felting and printing; she designed and painted her own curtains and.. and… and.…’.  What I heard was, ‘she has ‘stuff’ all over the house, she’s not the tidiest, if you go to visit it will be a mess and the whole house is her studio’.

It’s rare that I invite people over these days though I am trying to more.  Often I’ll have something I’m working on that’s taking over the house.  If you’ve been invited you’re one of the few and I’ve probably spent hours clearing away my latest creative idea.  Close friends who visit regularly (I don’t tidy for them..) see the ‘piles’ of creativity changing as they realise I’m working on something different than the last time they visited.  They get used to it and, I hope, come to wonder with interest what my current creative project is.

Who was I kidding when I said ‘I’ve been sorting the spare bedroom’.  As I went through it, yes there was the paperwork, some old makeup in the dresser and even some clothes but mainly, there was the knitting pile, the material/sewing pile; the sketch pads; the writing and painting and craft and photography piles.

Do I have a craft room or studio?

No, the whole house is my studio.. including the garden and sheds.  The spare bedroom will turn into my studio now that I’m finally coming to terms with being creatively artistic.  (Yes, I know. It’s only taken 50 years).

Do you have a craft room or studio?

Are you creatively artistic?