It’s not spring yet…

I was lulled into a false sense of security yesterday.  No need for all my heating on anymore.  The collared doves that spend a lot of time in my garden were happily enjoying the joys of spring (x-rated).

The sunshine was enough to encourage me to do a major pruning of the bush that pretends to be a tree in my front garden.  Neighbours were chatting outdoors soaking up the warmth of the sun.  All getting our full daily doses of vitamin d3.  Checking the temperature in the greenhouse made me ponder what needed doing before it would be  ready for the seedlings this year.  It was 10 degrees C and had gone down to minus 9 over the past few weeks.  All in all, spring was definitely here (yesterday).

Even getting out of bed I could feel the change.  The key test for me is my shower temperature.  As spring arrives I turn in down and this morning it headed back the other way again.  Still towel cladded I headed outside (my towels are huge,  very warm and I’m not overlooked, one day I’ll get caught out with the flying cameras though..) to check what I feared.  The birds water trays were frozen and they were waiting for me to put more food out and give them a drink.  I’m a slave to the birds in my garden (that could have been an alternate title).

It’s not spring yet, I’m still turning the shower temperature up and fishing ice out of water bowls.

What cues in your house tell you the temperature outside?

When do you consider it spring?

ps this was taken recently and they were convinced spring was in the air then too….