Savoury or sweet pancakes?

Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent.  40 days of fasting for some, giving up something for others and not followed by many.  Traditionally the foods not eaten during lent were eaten on the last day as a celebration and to not waste any food.  Pancakes became the staple for what many of us know now as pancake day.

This year, far from using up the eggs and flour before fasting I have to admit in making sure I had eggs in so I could have pancakes today.  Of course, I love them any time of the year but there’s something different about eating pancakes on shrove Tuesday.  As for using up food to fill them it meant todays savoury was a breakfast one followed by a sweet blueberry and cream.

Whilst I don’t follow traditions of Lent I do see it as a time for reflection which I’ll be doing over the coming weeks (I’m not sure how many of my reflections will find their way here).

Which is my favourite?  Usually, a simple lemon and sugar will always be my favourite but the blueberries and cream was pretty amazing.  A bit decadent for breakfast perhaps.. No guesses what dinner will consist of..  (Well, the spare batter will need using up.)

Are you having pancakes today?

What needs using up in your fridge?