Time:Where did the week go?

How often have you said where did the week go, time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, I’m running out of time or a myriad of other time related comments?

Certain hours in the day are shorter or longer than others (remember… comments here are my own).  Any hours with teleconferences in can have a tendency to expand.  Others with lunch in perhaps are rather short and the one before I leave work goes very quick as I try to cram in everything I don’t want to leave till the next day (you can breathe now...).  Some evenings, when I have little on, can be long but I love them, a nice long rest and time to ponder and potter.  The nighttimes go by in a blink of an eye because I’m sleeping, I close my eyes then OPEN them and it’s 8-9 hours later (yes, I sleep very well thank you).  Then there’s the morning rush hour and we’re back on the cycle.

Where did the week go?  There was a point this week, around Thursday I think, when my time turned back.  It was Wednesday.  I was convinced it was Wednesday and was shocked every time the computer told me a different story.  Then it shot to Friday which was nice.  Amazingly, as I went from Wednesday to Friday I had done everything I had planned for this week.

What did I do differently on Thursday?  I had a task to complete, no specific time deadline though I’d set myself next Tuesday.  My choice was to do it on Thursday, the day in my week this week which became Wednesday.  On Thursday there were no teleconferences to join, my calendar was completely booked out for this task, so nothing non-urgent could distract me, allowing me to work steadily through what became a luxuriously long day.  It was very pleasurable.  Finding tasks and days like that is my new mission.   It seemed to change the very nature of time on that day.

Time changed too between the writing and painting parts of this post.  It’s been one of the longest to complete so far taking 1.5 hours, where did that time go?  It went here for you to spend a few seconds or minutes of yours.  I hope it was enjoyable and worthwhile.

When does time speed up or slow down for you?