Shall I propose?

I’d like to think I’d taken the day off and done something special with my extra day in February.  I always mean to, then I only remember when, on 28th I see that tomorrow isn’t the first of March.. “Ooh! is it a leap year?”  That’s when I check my calendar and see I have lots of things booked in.  Blow that for another four years.

Earth orbit around sun=365 days and 6 hours

One year=365 days

6hr x 4=24hrs=1day=29 February every 4 years=men beware today.. tee hee.. I do feel a bit wild and unconventional or is that traditional…

As it only occurred to me yesterday that it was a leap year, and I only remembered this morning that that meant I could propose, I seem to have left it a bit late    again.  I was once encouraged to propose on this day by my then boyfriend, (Yes, to him.)  It was a most bizarre day.  Phone calls and faxes reminding me what day it was and how many hours I had left.  Was he trying to get out of buying an engagement ring?

According to the tradition, if a woman proposes and the man turned her down he had to pay her some form of compensation, stockings, some money or gloves.  This got me thinking.  How many men could I propose to in one day and request compensation for their refusals?  What would I do if one said yes?  No, that’s not going to happen.  But just in case, I’d need to be selective.

Hmm… there’s the nice young man in the deli.. the nice chappie I bump into in the lift.. that lovely man who follows me on twitter.. what fun I could have..

Do I need stockings?  It’s been a while since I’ve worn any, no.  Do I need gloves?  Happy with the warm pair I have thank you and my gardening gloves are doing ok so no, not really, not this year. Phew. Men, you can breathe a sigh of relief, this 51 year old woman will not be proposing to you today.

Mind you… I could always ask for a new pair of shoes instead.  Just in case, please remember I am partial to a kitten heel in a size 6..