Now that’s foggy.

Whatever I was going to write about when I woke has just completely disappeared from my mind.  I hope it comes back so I can post another day.  What broke my train of thought was looking out of the kitchen window as I put the kettle on.  My mind went foggy.  “Now that’s fog” is all I could think of.  Like a rush, of my life to date, the memories came flooding back.  All those times when I’ve driven in fog.

The strongest memory was of trying to get home, driving across the vale of York, when I couldn’t see the other side of the road let alone anything in front of me, terrified that some stupid driver would be going too fast.  Thinking back, why was I even driving in it at all?  Maybe I was the stupid one.  I should have found the first b&b and stopped there.  Given that I couldn’t see the other side of the road or, come to think of it, the verge on my side, I doubt I could have found a b&b out there in the thick fog even if there was one.

How things change when fog hits…. Those who were convinced they’ll be running in shorts from now on.. hmm maybe not today.  In case it’s like this tomorrow morning, the journey I was planning to make then will probably be made later today.

When the fog hits we have to take care, slow down, be vigilant and deal with what comes our way.  If things are foggy around you, till the fog lifts.. take it easy…