My favourite gargoyle

Although my knowledge of history’s pretty useless I’m learning lots whilst reading historical fiction.  I love wandering around historic buildings, particularly cathedrals, minsters, churches and the like.  I could spend hours observing the structures and marvel at the intricate designs and skills of the craftsmen that built them.  There are certain emblems and sculptures that I just adore.

The clue’s in the title….

There’s one particular gargoyle that I’ve been drawn to over the past few years since I’ve had to go to York a bit more.  My route takes me past him and usually I take the opportunity to say hello and ponder.  I know nothing about him but admire his majestic quality and the way he holds himself whenever I visit.

There are others in other towns that I may mention in the future and, if you don’t mind, as I learn more about them, I may mention them again (I gather a turn off for blogger readers is the repetitive blogs).

What do you like about historic buildings?  Anything?

Here’s my favourite gargoyle.  He lives at York Minster.  I’m sure he’d love to meet you.

p.s. if you ever want to take me to Paris please make sure Notre Dame is on the itinerary as some lovely gargoyle friends of mine live there (Just saying).