There I was heading over to carry on drafting my April blogging from A to Z challenge when I noticed I hadn’t posted anything since Saturday.  Hadn’t I had any ideas?  No that wasn’t it.  I always have lots (some might say too many) of ideas.  Did I want to stop posting?  Not yet.  I’d just been busy writing other things so I started writing a post to tell you that then I realised that’s not what I like writing about on here.  I don’t really tell about my day.  It’s more that I use things that happen to comment on the wider aspect of that in life.  (No worries if I’m losing you I’m losing me just now..)

I’ve got 10 out of 24 blog posts written that will go up in April and I decided I want to participate in script frenzy which is also in April.  I’m convincing myself all this is helping me write my novels… Hmm… The last time I did anything on my latest novel was a couple of weeks ago.

I’m still convinced..

Last week I was told that if I write a script I’ll have a better chance of getting my novel published.  I’m still not sure how that works if I haven’t got an edited novel to get published but hey ho I’ll try writing a script during April.

So long as I keep writing daily I reckon the writing bit of my brain is developing and that’s what I want to do just now and that’s fine.  I feel glad that I’m prioritising ‘blogging from AtoZ challenge’ before my novel or any planning for ‘script frenzy’.  I’ve made a choice of what I do when and that feels good and achievable.

I do like a bit of prioritisation.  Do you?

Can I apologise for my blog posts during April.  They will be daily apart from a couple of Sundays.  I’ve finally selected a theme – any word 10 letters or more from a dictionary that’s been in my family since it was published in 1948.