will my shadow flower paintings ever see the light?

A chance chatter on-line with “the shed with the chandelier” (Hi Tracy) this morning led me to rush upstairs, take a couple of my paintings off the walls in my bedrooms, add them to the ones scattered in the art room (ok, junk room..soon to be sorted into art room) snap this pic. and hey presto: a new post.

Here are my paintings.  This is my shadow art.  It’s my current preferred style and I can’t wait for the flowers in my patio pots to grow so I can start on the 2012 images that I’ll paint over the winter.  That’s the theory.  Capturing the images is more productive than finishing them.. lots of unfinished canvasses scatter my home..

Looking at the pic. I realise it’s of my blue phase… There’s the orange/terracotta, blue (shown here), pink and deep russet red brown phases.

I’ve not sold any, have given a couple away and was asked by a friend to add two to the one they asked for as a housewarming.  When my family first saw them they commented that they think they’re better than a particular painting of a can of soup…  I was gobsmacked and  extremely flattered.  I love that can of soup!

I’ll be participating in Peterborough Open Artists Studios this year and have been asked to make some of my hand-painted silk scarves too.  I can’t imagine getting round to making many of those.  The drafted shadow flower paintings want me to finish them before I get going on any other project.

Given that I already have lots hanging in my house, what will I do with a houseful of shadow flower art when there’s no space left on my walls?

Will they ever see the light?

You know, I don’t really care, I just need to do it.  I have to keep doing it.  You know what I mean don’t you?