I do like to be beside the seaside.

In these days of writing and spending more time on the computer at work I have been more sedentary in my late 40’s and early 50’s than at any other time in my life.  Some of this I also attribute to having moved away from the coast within the last 10 years.

When I lived within 15 minutes walk of the sea I spent many happy hours walking on the sand.  I could go walking here but there’s not many places, that close, that really inspire me more than my garden so I’m happy spending more time at home creating and writing which is great for my mind, just not so great for my body shape.

If you asked me to pick a place that inspires, makes my heart sing and where I could walk for miles take me to a sandy beach with some dunes.  That would be nice.  Some beach huts and few people would be even better.  I’ve been recently and would happily return.

I do like to be beside the seaside.


6 thoughts on “I do like to be beside the seaside.

  1. There’s something about beaches, cliffs, sand dunes and shingle that just keeps you walking, isn’t there? I DREAM of living near the English coast, which is a much underappreciated facet of life in Blighty, I think. When you live, as I do, 1,000 miles from the seashore, you really miss it.

    • Yes there’s something about it.

      I really miss it too Jane and I’ve been complaining that it takes me an hour to get to the coast. 1,000 miles away? That sounds longer than the length of the uk! No more complaining, I need to visit it more often that’s all.

      Huge thanks for reminding me of how amazing our coast is and how close I live to it. I’ve been thinking of doing a coast walk. You might just have persuaded me… when you visiting? we could do a bit together.

    • One day we’ll be living in them… I’ll keep writing to get a best seller and we both buy jackpot winning lottery tickets. Remember we need two very nice cottages and I need a studio and they have to be near enough the sea but mine, at least, needs to be able to grow a decent garden and.. and…. they don’t need to be too near each other come to think of it.. What happened to me retiring to Northumberland? or Chester.. ooh here I go manifesting.. beware..

  2. Agree, they don’t need to be too near each other but staggering distance might be handy after a few G&Ts, mind you we’ll be stinking rich – perhaps a chauffeur??! Mine also has to have a fabby garden so I can indulge my flowers, veggies, orchard, chickens / ducks fantasy plus room for a kiln, workshop and greenhouse. Not that I’ve thought about this much… ;-))

    • well.. if we’re both wanting a kiln we could just own the pottery nearby and indulge with a technician. Me and technical stuff? not a good thing.. I’m not practical. Turn that fantasy into reality..

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