a pos trop he

It’s really interesting as I’ve never used the forms of words, O’er and thro’.  I’ve also never heard of apostrophe, the version: ‘words addressed to an absent person as if he were present or to a thing or idea as if it could appreciate them.’

This is day one of blogging from A to Z challenge and although A isn’t the first one I’ve written, (I’ve drafted 6 before this one) it will be the first one posted and I don’t want to completely put you off already.  I want to learn something while doing this and while I’m sure I’m going to learn lots about myself too and how I write and, and, and…  today I’ve learnt about apostrophe.  I still need to find something out about when and how to use them so I can learn that too as I’m a bit pants at the use of ‘’s.

I nearly wrote about antifreeze.  I have little to say about antifreeze, I like it in some places and dislike it elsewhere.  I do like anniversaries.. nice anniversaries where I can celebrate with friends and family.

Then I saw ‘ and it had to be.

a pos trop he

‘sign (‘) used to show the omission of one of more letters, as in o’er for over, thro’ for through.’

ps here we go! only another 25 letters left…

I hope you liked A and you’re still with me for Z


40 thoughts on “a pos trop he

  1. Much better than antifreeze! I struggled with apostrophes until my mid-20s, when it seemed to just click, but I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    • Thanks Sarah. If I do this next year A has to be Antifreeze since everyone’s so down on it 😉 I wonder if any of the 1600+ have used Antifreeze as their word?

      I know who to come to for my ‘ advice then as I’m in my 50’s and it’s still not ‘clicked’!

    • ahh.. using ‘ for day one of a challenge where many of those posting are writers is interesting.

      If I knew all the right uses for ”s I’d feel more conf’dent ’bout this blog or my comments 😉 I can’t ha’e a pet hate about the uses of ”s as I struggle with them myself 😉

  2. My attention to grammar comes from my mother, who swiftly yanked a felt apostrophe from a handcrafted family name banner someone gave us – you know, the type of door hanging that says “The Diaz’s Home.” Or is it, “The Diazes Home” (Is it the home of a singular Diaz or the home of the collective family of Diazes??)

    I still need to look up apostrophe use to get it right.

  3. The nuns beat the correct use of the apostrophe into my head. I still have issues, especially when words end in “s” or “x”, but I think I have it now. Good post.

    • Thanks Kela.
      Pile on the pressure why don’t you.. 😉

      I stupidly thought I was in the ‘ confusion box all on my own. Glad I have new mates to be confused with and others to run to for help.

  4. Anti-freeze! That made me laugh. I love apostrophes. I know that makes me sound sad but there’s something very satisfying in using one and getting it right. I used to teach 10 year olds you see, so I know them back to front now.

    I’m doing the A to Z Challenge too at A to Z of Nostalgia

    • Great to hear I made you laugh.

      Know your ”s back to front now? ooh! That’s great to know. Next time I’m stuck with my ‘s I’ll tweet you if I may.

      Good luck with your A to Z of nostalgia. I had trouble posting my comment on yours this if I recall. Been to so many blogs since then…. IT illiterate that’s me. Amazed I’m doing the AtoZ challenge at all! Blogging in the first place is a big challenge for me.

      Loved watching the animals sing whilst wearing those bizarre outfits on your A post…

  5. Hmmm, guess it lost my previous comment…sometimes WordPress is strange on my computer. LOL!

    Anyway, glad you didn’t choose antifreeze…this was much more interesting!

    • I think your comment was waiting for me to finish work and approve… It does that with the first time someone comments all your comments will now go through. Glad you liked my ”s I might have to write about antifreeze next month..

  6. I’d never head of the first definition you listed for apostrophe – how interesting! It’s awesome that you planned your posts so that you’ll learn something this month – and so will the rest of us!

    Best of luck with the challenge,

  7. I’d never heard of the first definition for apostrophe that you listed – how interesting. And it’s awesome that you planned your posts so that you learn new things this month – and so do we!

    Best of luck with the challenge,

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