Bac cha na li a

I grew up in Chester and don’t remember any Bacchanalia festivals, I do hope they’ve re-enacted something like this since I’ve left.





What’s not to like about that?  It sounds like some I’ve been to in my youth.

Bacchus was a god of wine.

I must search out any restaurant called  Bacchanalia, it appears there’s a few.  Why has this word been hidden to me?  I’m only at b of A to Z blogging challenge and in need of a  Bacchanalia already.  What will I be like when I get to O?  oh well, orgy is less than 10 letters… that’s good then.  Hmm festival’s less than 10 letters too.

Getting the idea of my theme?   Each A to Z post is themed around a words of 10 letters or more.

I hope you have some good Bacchanalia’s to go to this year.

Bac cha na li a

‘wild noisy roman festival in honour of Bacchus’


12 thoughts on “Bac cha na li a

    • Many thanks Nancy. It was a new word to me and I loved it too. I’m not sure if I’ve explained my theme yet.. words of 10 letters or more from a specific book. Watch out for D when it’s completely explained.

  1. I remember wearing head scarves on cold or windy days but I must have led a sheltered life. I thought they made me look more sophisticated. LOL!

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