Com pli men tar y

Thank you.

For when you compliment my blog and these posts.

Compliments or feedback?  I’m interested to see how we use words in work and our home life.  You can compliment me in my personal life and give me constructive positive feedback please at work.  Hmm… maybe I should start recognising compliments better at work.

I wrote that ‘my heart sang’ when I read some complimentary words written to me by a friend.  You have to get that right though as if you compliment when it’s not needed it seems to lower the value of it when you really mean it.  Compliments should be given generously when meant and with love.

Thank you.  Your sentiments and wishes are gratefully received.

How often do you throw back someone’s compliments?  If I ever do it to you please point it out and help me give and receive compliments better.

Com pli men tar y

‘Like or containing a compliment; praising.’