En thu si asm #AtoZchallenge

People say they like my enthusiasm.  When I used to give talks I’d always get comments afterwards on how enthusiastic I was about my subject.  Now, years later, I’m wondering does that mean I wasn’t intellectual or informative or knowledgeable or.. or..?

I was always a little lacking in confidence but never lacking in enthusiasm and that got me through many nervy evenings and interviews when I’d be stood at the front of all sizes of audiences, maybe in a village hall or restaurant, hotel conference lecture theatre, church, Masonic hall or just facing the camera or radio presenter.  (I know.. I normally shun sentences like that..) They kept coming back for more so I couldn’t have been that bad..

Enthusiasm has served me well.

What are you enthusiastic about?

How do you feel when someone’s enthusiastic about something?

en thu si asm

‘eager interest; zeal.’