En thu si asm #AtoZchallenge

People say they like my enthusiasm.  When I used to give talks I’d always get comments afterwards on how enthusiastic I was about my subject.  Now, years later, I’m wondering does that mean I wasn’t intellectual or informative or knowledgeable or.. or..?

I was always a little lacking in confidence but never lacking in enthusiasm and that got me through many nervy evenings and interviews when I’d be stood at the front of all sizes of audiences, maybe in a village hall or restaurant, hotel conference lecture theatre, church, Masonic hall or just facing the camera or radio presenter.  (I know.. I normally shun sentences like that..) They kept coming back for more so I couldn’t have been that bad..

Enthusiasm has served me well.

What are you enthusiastic about?

How do you feel when someone’s enthusiastic about something?

en thu si asm

‘eager interest; zeal.’


17 thoughts on “En thu si asm #AtoZchallenge

  1. As a martial arts instructor and an ex-school teacher, I’ve learned that enthusiasm goes a long way in engaging your audience. If you don’t seem enthused about what you’re teaching, why should your students?

    Things that enthuse me: my writing (although I’m usually too embarrassed and shy to talk about it), animals, biological and medical sciences, Wing Chun (the martial art I practise), and Disney and Pixar animated films. 🙂

    • Thanks Karen!
      Yes I usually have enthusiasm in bucketloads till I lose interest and move onto something else… (enough about my personality traits..) Nice to *meet* you too and I am enjoying the challenge. Looking forward to the long weekend when I can read more of the AtoZchallenge blogs with ease.

  2. (I commented using Blogger but not sure it took. Here I am again using my WordPress account): Enthusiasm is contagious. Anyone who has it in abundance is blessed!

    Nice to meet you and hope you’re enjoying the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  3. I’m enthusiastic about books, history, classical music, cooking and writing. Enthusiasm is so important and I bet the audience at your talks found your enthusiasm refreshing – it’s so much better than listening to someone (even if they’re very knowledgeable) drone on and on in a monotone! 🙂

    • Thanks Stacey. I like to think I was knowledgeable and enthusiastic! Monotone and me would not go in the same sentence. I have got much quieter since I stopped public speaking though which is interesting.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I appreciate your kind words!

    I believe your post is great, as well! I also use enthusiasm and excitement to hide my nervousness when given speeches or talking in public! I believe it really helps to keep my anxiety/panic/nerves at bay!

  5. Today I’m not enthusiastic about anything except bed and sleep! Headed there now….

  6. If you’re enthusiastic about something it’s far easily to learn about it. Remeber when in school sitting in a classroom studying a subject you found boring,you just zoned out whereas if it was something you loved you would come away from it having more knowledge. I’m enthusiastic about the A to Z challenge I would have to be as it’s so time consuming.

    • Too true. I can spend today and tomorrow finishing the rest of my AtoZ posts. What about sowing seeds; cleaning house; washing; cooking; gardening? Nooo… I need to learn all about blogging so AtoZ editing it is. I might have to spend a little time with friends I’m enthusiastic about too 😉

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