Friend ship #AtoZchallenge

I’m very lucky.  I have such wonderful friends.  I always have.  Even if we’ve fallen out, I’ve always felt close to them, knowing that we’ll get over it in time.

There’s someone I think of often.  We didn’t speak for 6 months, I have no idea what it was over.  That was in 1987.  Looking back, it’s easy to say we should never have tried sharing a home together but we did despite family concerns.  Of course, they could see better than we could.  I moved out, then moved towns and was far away from her when the accident happened.

Her parents still invite me to visit which is lovely though I haven’t seen them for years.  Maybe this year.  The pain’s still there I guess, hidden in the 25 years since Lynne’s death.  I loved her, as we became women, we were there for each other.  I still carry Lynne’s friendship and the memory of how close we were with me in my heart and always will.

If there’s a friend you love and are going through a rough patch with, please find a way, any way, to resolve your differences and keep loving.  More than anything, keep the love in the friendship alive.

Friend ship

‘State of being friends.’


26 thoughts on “Friend ship #AtoZchallenge

  1. I’m sad for the loss of your friend it must have been hard for you. We don’t think of fatal things happening when we say harsh words and have a falling out. I fell out with my best friend for about thirteen years we tried to mend the friendship many times but the hurt was too raw, it was over our children. Now I can say we are friends, not best friends but meet up and have a laugh. Thanks for sharing your story

  2. A beautiful post, Lynne, and a reminder to us to nurture and maintain friendships. You certainly made me recall friends I left behind, some accidentally, some gradually, some deliberately. Perhaps it is time to reach out and build, or rebuild, some bridges. Thank you for sharing! xx

    • Thanks Rosalind. I didn’t mean to be sad today. It’s what came to mind when I thought of Friendship. It’s important for me to remember Lynne and the great times we had and remember not to let that happen again.

  3. I remember back in school when some friends of mine would stop talking to me for no reason.
    I’m still not entirely sure why, but I’ve learnt since then that when you find a really good friend, you hold on to them.


    • Thanks John, I’m like that too with many of my friends. This was a bit different, not someone I didn’t see for ages. We fell out. I can only assume it was because we didn’t respect the space we both needed and lost sight of our own friendship.

  4. I am finally catching up! So glad I made it over. This is very beautiful and I am sure it was so hard to write. I am sorry you went through this…but glad that you had such a good friend even if it ended too soon. Nice to meet you and look forward to reading your other posts!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. I had a very close friend in graduate school, and for some reason (I still don’t know exactly what happened), we had a falling out. We haven’t spoken since, and I don’t even know where she is now, although I’ve tried to search for her. I hope I find her someday so that we can put everything behind us and start again.

    • After reading yours I thought you might like to read mine. Your story sounds similar I hope you find her and sort it out. There might be family or old neighbours that haven’t moved.

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