Ger mi na tion #AtoZchallenge

How did it get to April?  Each year this happens.  Each year I’m in a different place than the last.  This year Spring came early, then late, a bit like last time.

It got to March and I still hadn’t sowed (is that the right word?) anything.  My tomato and pepper seeds need planting in February and March.  I finally managed to get the seeds out of the shed and have my annual seed day.  I do love that day.  Seed packets everywhere.  Glad that I ate lots of eggs over the winter (I use egg boxes for germination – see what I did there?).

Germination is a time of great anticipation, fun, wonderful expectations, smiles, happiness and a feeling of having nurtured.  (ooh am I broody?  I hope not – too late anyhows.. enough said).  It’s also a worrying time.  Will I water them enough?  Too much?  What if I go away, will they cope?

I love growing my own seeds rather than buying plants although it’s very emotional.  Each year I think I’ll have a year off, go to visit more of my friends, without worrying about my tomatoes or corn or any of the seedlings I might have sown and each year, come April, I’m glad I did a bit of planting.  The holiday and visiting can wait till the plants are out and growing.  Just look at them, aren’t they doing well?  (the pic should be of my seedlings but they’ve not been planted yet.. oops)

What are you germinating?

Ooh is that a bit personal, I don’t mean it to be.  It could be plants like me (when I get planting..) or a book like me or something creative like me..

Ger mi na tion

‘A starting to grow or develop; a sprouting.  Germination takes place when seeds are warm and moist.’