Ger mi na tion #AtoZchallenge

How did it get to April?  Each year this happens.  Each year I’m in a different place than the last.  This year Spring came early, then late, a bit like last time.

It got to March and I still hadn’t sowed (is that the right word?) anything.  My tomato and pepper seeds need planting in February and March.  I finally managed to get the seeds out of the shed and have my annual seed day.  I do love that day.  Seed packets everywhere.  Glad that I ate lots of eggs over the winter (I use egg boxes for germination – see what I did there?).

Germination is a time of great anticipation, fun, wonderful expectations, smiles, happiness and a feeling of having nurtured.  (ooh am I broody?  I hope not – too late anyhows.. enough said).  It’s also a worrying time.  Will I water them enough?  Too much?  What if I go away, will they cope?

I love growing my own seeds rather than buying plants although it’s very emotional.  Each year I think I’ll have a year off, go to visit more of my friends, without worrying about my tomatoes or corn or any of the seedlings I might have sown and each year, come April, I’m glad I did a bit of planting.  The holiday and visiting can wait till the plants are out and growing.  Just look at them, aren’t they doing well?  (the pic should be of my seedlings but they’ve not been planted yet.. oops)

What are you germinating?

Ooh is that a bit personal, I don’t mean it to be.  It could be plants like me (when I get planting..) or a book like me or something creative like me..

Ger mi na tion

‘A starting to grow or develop; a sprouting.  Germination takes place when seeds are warm and moist.’


18 thoughts on “Ger mi na tion #AtoZchallenge

  1. Hi! Cute post. Well, I have an array of styrofoam cups with corn, radishes, spinach, lettuce, and so many others that have outgrown my mini-green house. My other plants are starting to outgrow it as well, so out come my foam cups for them. When the time’s right, I will move these babies outside into my box garden. So excited!

    A to Z co-host

    • Ooh a co-host visited..
      Hi Elizabeth! Thanks.
      Hmm… I have a normal greenhouse that needs a thorough clearout from last year. Ooh you might just have excited me enough to get mine sown today!

  2. I had a tin full of torn seed packets that travelled from house to house as we moved in Scotland and then to the Med. It never ceased to amaze me that even though the dates on the packet implied they were too old to germinate, I would plant them anyway and some did grow.

    So thank you Lynn for the reminder that even if little seeds of inspiration are stored away for many years , even when some may feel they are past their sell by date, the potential is still there and great things can grow.

    I wonder where in the shed that tin is now?…

    • I haven’t bought any this year.. Right.. already read blogs; crocheted a few lines (must finish it today), listened to a wonderful interview from the med 😉 Must plant seeds by end of the day!

  3. I’m not very good at the growing thing,even houseplants die at my hands.I would love to have a greenhouse and grow from seed but I just don’t have the time.

    • I seem to have managed to let a couple of my houseplants die this year. Not like me. I love having plants in the greenhouse and picking my own tomatoes and chillies. the ret are just planted out as soon as possible and take their chances. I’m not a methodical gardener, any plants grown have to fend for themselves a lot.

  4. I’ve given up sewing seeds because I haven’t got the heart to thin them out. I try and nurture each and every one so we have hundreds of plants of each variety. Mr A has sown celeriac, beans, fennel and tomatoes so far this year.

    • Me too Rosalind. I refuse to thin. Instead I plant one in each bit of the egg box. that’s why I still have seeds left from last year and the year before and…. Even then some years I end up with too many and give a lot away. Still not planted any this year…tomorrow. I must sow tomorrow

    • Thanks Brittany.
      Sometimes I’ve got peppers that have been started already but I seem to struggle with carrots! They go straight into the ground but I think my veg patch needs some sorting. We’ve got a hosepipe ban now so I’m reluctant to plant much direct.

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