het er o ge ne ous #AtoZchallenge

My original list of possible H’s, before my theme was words of 10 letters or more from my dictionary, consisted of:

Holy/ Holly/ Hail/ Harry/ Hearing/ Hungry/ Herrings/ Hammers/ Horror/ Hair/ Horny/ Handmade/ Happy/ Horse

Then came:

horse rad ish

‘tall plant of the Cruciferae family, with a white, hot-tasting root that is ground up and used as a relish with meat, oysters, etc.’

hig gle dy-pig gle dy

‘in jumbled confusion.’


het er o ge ne ous

‘different in kind; unlike; not at all similar; varied; miscellaneous; made up of unlike elements or parts.’

It was heterogeneous which got me thinking.

It’s interesting that I’ve never really read this dictionary much before.  Used it many times but never really studied it.  There are many words that have few words to explain them and then there’s heterogeneous with 6 different explanations.  What was it about this word that created that reaction from Thorndike as he compiled my dictionary?  I have no idea and will never know but am intrigued by it.

I’ve never thought too much of H but I love it now!

Happy; Horse; higgledy-piggledy; horseradish; heterogeneous (did you notice I moved the first e? deliberately? Maybe.. maybe not..)  and Hazelnut all go to confirm that H has to be heard!

follow the AtoZchallenge road..


18 thoughts on “het er o ge ne ous #AtoZchallenge

  1. Hi there returning you post, like you post to-day, I’m a Microwave man myself, people ask me if I’m eating al-right and as long as the supermarkets turn out frozen meals at £1 each I’m fine. Frozen meals! people might say but I’ve never have a bad one yet, didn’t like yes but bad no.
    Thanks for your comments on my “G” blog

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha, what a humorous, hugely interesting post! Thanks so much! I like ‘h’, especially in the dropped variety, heee hee. Hotel, hungry, hangover… lots of useful ‘h’ words. Love your A-Z challenge, keep those great posts coming… XX

    • Thanks for all your support Nicky! Glad you’re enjoying them. This challenge is tougher than expected. Not good that I’m starting to come down with another horrendous cold! Must get them all scheduled in before I succumb.

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